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Ps. Sam continues our series, by looking at what and who the Church is, and what its purpose is in our local community.

Victor continues our new series, speaking to the importance of worship in our spiritual lives.

Ps. Ben continues our new series, looking at how we build up the people in the church, and how we have to build up our inward passion for the things of God so that He can use us more effectively.

Ps. Ben begins the New Year, looking towards our day of Prayer and Fasting on Tuesday, as our Church looks to the future and what we need to build this year in the body of the Church.

Peace | Sam Moir

Ps Sam Moir concludes our Christmas series by looking at the Peace that we can experience from God.

Joy | Ben Ritchie

Ps. Ben continues our Christmas series by looking at the Joy we receive from God.

Faith | Lisa Lyall

Ps. Lisa Lyall speaks on the importance of holding onto the promises that God has spoken into your life.

Hope | Monica Jack

Monica Jack speaks on the having Hope in your life and leaning on your Faith.

Visiting speaker Derek Smith from King Church Bolton, speaks on being authentic and living a life that is true to what God wants you to be.

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