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Ps. Ben uses the story of Palm Sunday, especially the importance of the donkey, to illustrate how everyone has a role to serve God.

Ian Runcie continues our series, looking at the attributes that made David God's Warrior.

Ps. Ben continues our A Heart of God series, looking at the need to have a Heart of Forgiveness.

Jony Strachan brings a great Gospel message in our Sunday night service.

Gospel | Mark Ritchie

Visiting speaker Mark Ritchie brings a Gospel message to the congregation.

Visiting speaker Mark Ritchie speaks on the importance of living a life that is not driven by fear.

Ps. Ben continues our series looking at the importance of supporting the future generations in their growth in God.

Ps. Sam continues our series, this time focussing on the importance of having a heart of worship as we experience life's trials and tribulations.

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